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The Good and Bad of Pay Per Click Click Advertising

Over the past 10 years, the World wide web has revolutionized the way that individuals do business. While large corporations have a significant business presence on the Web, the nature of the World wide web allows small business to compete on equal footing. Amazon may have a famous Website, but there is nothing to prevent [...]


Should you be Co-Branding?

Online co-branding can be a little complicated.  If an Internet user clicks on a link on your website and is taken to a web page that has a different brand or company it can get a bit confusing.  They will wonder why they have been directed to an entirely different web page with unrelated content.  When [...]


Get Noticed With Google Keyword Research

The most vital ways to generate site traffic from Google is to apply a keyword tool just like  Google AdWords Keyword Research; used properly and together with several organic targeted traffic development at the same time these techniques should provide adequate leverage to deliver the best amount of traffic. But whatever technique you select to [...]


5 Key Steps You Must Have In Your Website Promotion Plan

Visit any internet marketing forum on the web and you’ll usually find a couple of posts from people bemoaning the fact that they have been submitting articles to article directories to promote their website yet have only a dribble of traffic to their site. When you read further, you find that these people have submitted [...]


Internet Marketing Consultants – What You Should Look Out For

Advertising is one of the important marketing tools. Advertising has many facets; advertising through print media, through electronic media like television and the latest in the series is through the media of Internet. In fact, studies have shown that advertising through the Internet has increased by many folds. The coverage the product gets through the [...]

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