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Manifest SEO is an environmentally conscious company going green for our eco-clients and making them extra green in the process.  We help online entrepreneurs  improve their visibility in search engines through optimizing their online marketing approach with effective and targeted action plans.   In doing so we have improved general public visibility of the environment’s needs and eco-innovators online.  We want those hundreds of millions of searchers in need of your products, advice or service, to find you.  We don’t just do this for eco-minded clients, but we are certainly proud of our work in that niche.

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ManifestSEO: The Green SEO Company

You Are the Expert…

Let us help you tell the world and watch as your business booms.  Through ethical “white hat” practices of distributing your expertise in the form of articles and creating your blog community, strategy and synchronizing social networks we will build a foundational stage you can stand and deliver from!  Shout out your company’s message to the masses and reach the audiences most likely to buy.  Using our select networks and proven techniques you will reach the audiences most likely to buy and create lasting relationships with those customers.  We refer to those folks as fanatical loyalists. Organically and naturally your sales will increase as well as your new expanding reputation, reach and proven expertise. Your brand will extend beyond anything you can imagine online. Generally within three months you will be prominently placed in Google, Yahoo and Bing alike creating new followers and opportunities showing your dedication and conviction to your products and services.

We love the fact we are doing our small part to help spread the green message while improving and protecting the visibility of our eco-minded clients. Clients that we strongly secure in their niche; if you want us to help you and we already have an existing client for your targeted keyword phrases we will unfortunately have to decline your business based on our ethics and company policies.  In other words this is by definition a “limited space offer”, if your competition engages our services first it will be too late.

We Help You Tell the World Fast…Here’s the Proof.

The team here at Manifest SEO would like to show you a direct case study of our collaboration with one specific eco-innovator. A company offering customized eco-friendly promotional products of all shapes and sizes for businesses; from business cards made of seeded paper to reusable bags made of 85% recycled plastic water bottles. We have embraced their vision and goals from the beginning when we started in August of 2009.  Since that time we have helped their team manifest an effective web based platform where they are consistently found highly ranked for targeted terms in search engines.  This client is recognized on a daily basis by hundreds of companies who want to stamp an environmental pledge along with their brand name on their promotional products.  To give you an idea of what this means in practical terms and the bottom line, our client was spending over $10,000.00 per month on PPC advertising…they now spend ZERO and traffic, conversions and sales are way up!  Of course they have a monthly budget with us, but it is significantly less than that and we continue to grow with their business because it works!

We save our clients thousands of dollars in PPC advertising and monthly net advertising cost while improving traffic and increasing conversions as a direct result of our work.

One such case study is shown below…

Manifest SEO Project CASE STUDY: Eco Friendly Promo Products

green seo

Google Rankings

We have solidified top rankings for many eco friendly key terms during this project since we started in August 2009. The main broad phrase search terms we focused on were: reusable bags, recycled bags, green bags, reusable water bottles and promotional bags. Take a quick look at some statistics below to see the headway we made in only one year’s time!

The first aspect we will highlight is the proof in the pudding, the rankings in Google for the focus key terms. As you know, the difference between a top 5 ranking and being on the 2nd page of Google can be 1000′s of targeted visitors who Need your eco products or services. take a look at these rankings as they were one year ago when we started and what they are today. Keep in mind, when these terms got to the top they STAY at the top as the progress graphs will showcase.

eco bags case study

Traffic and Conversion Increase

…So now that you have seen the proof in the pudding. Let’s take a look at WHAT these rankings mean for our client. We will do this by quickly reviewing two metrics; Increases in Targeted traffic and Increases in Goal conversions. To paint a portrait of this, We will first show you what the top 10 producing key terms we’re for our client the month before we started an SEO campaign and below that we will show you what his top 10 key terms are for November 2010.

Top 10 Key Terms Before…

That Was Then...

Look at the Top 10 Key Terms Today…


Look at the difference in overall visitors going from 1,600 per month up to 6,700 per month. Notice the target of the terms today and the overall volume they deliver. An increase from 798 total key terms to 2,529 and an increase of 5,000 visitors a month in less than a year? Could your eco business use that type of boost? Now take a look at the Real metric. The Goal Conversion Rate and overall volume:

Monthly Goal Conversion Before…

That was then...

Monthly Goal Conversion Now…

This Is Now...

So in less than one year we have successfully increased traffic over 500% and have more than doubled goal conversions realized each month! Did we mention we are also saving our client THOUSANDS of dollars in monthly advertising costs?  Did we mention our client is viewed as a leading expert in category?  We can do the same thing for your business and you will see significant progress in just 60-90 days!

There is no time to waste.  Timing is everything and you can be sure there is a reason why you are reading this right now.  As we stated above, space is truly limited, we will not engage competing clients, this is something you will definitely appreciate when you become one of our clients. We are looking for clients that are serious about growing their businesses.  Our clients are our partners and we look forward to showing you exactly what that means to us.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you are serious about growing your business in a way that will set you apart as an expert in category, please call us today @ 1.877.559.3614 or email us through the “contact us”  button on the right and we will arrange a time to discuss your business goals.

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